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Fellow company

There are 3 fellow companies operating together to provide framework construction.

・MIYAZAWA formwork Co., Ltd.: Construction site management
Job description is to take command on a construction site managing process, budget, quality, and safety. It also requires construction operating management, making sure the process is following as scheduled, and order and arrange materials and equipment, and manage the right number of workers.

・BUNEI lease Co., Ltd.: Material transportation and leasing temporary materials
Track drivers transport materials between each construction site and material storage. Materials are to be organized neat and safely by a forklift and hands.

・M's FLAME Co., Ltd.: Shuttering carpenters
Shuttering carpenters create formworks and once concreate is dry they take away the formworks. Arranging and processing materials is required.

The 3 companies have different roles for each and with all of that, we provide high quality frameworks ensuring safety of buildings. There are also many cooperating companies working with us protecting safety of your life today.


  • We are working to sustain a “No harassment working place”, setting a consulting service with a qualified harassment consultant. The staff is permanently stationed to maintain a mentally and physically healthy working environment.


  • MIYAZAWA Formworks is registered as a “MAEBASHI WELLNESS COMPANY”, working on health and productivity management.