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Gain profession

Gain professions≠Certifications

Gaining professions is not as equal as getting certifications. It is to gain skills that are valuable at a working place and for you to work whether it requires a certificate or not.

Benefits of gaining professions

・Increasing wages and decreasing risks of losing a job
・Education is not counted as the most important qualification
・Easier to start your own business

Gaining profession=fulfilled and stabled life
Our company expects no educational qualifications and experiences. You can gain professions on the job and through trainings. Also, we offer you supports to get necessary qualifications. You are able to choose how you want to attend trainings and qualification exams. Let us hear how you want to work as you gain professions considering your career and life events.

Professions in your hand!


  • We are working to sustain a “No harassment working place”, setting a consulting service with a qualified harassment consultant. The staff is permanently stationed to maintain a mentally and physically healthy working environment.


  • MIYAZAWA Formworks is registered as a “MAEBASHI WELLNESS COMPANY”, working on health and productivity management.