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Career up

Career up is to gain more intents and specific knowledges and skills to improve your position and change job/career. Our company has 2 other brother companies, and 3 companies are working together to undertake formwork constructions. Each company has different job descriptions such as, on site management, material transportation and rental lease of temporary materials, and formwork carpenters. Therefore, with your needs and desire as you work, you are able to choose your career. If you desire to make your own company as a formwork carpenter, we will support you. Whether you already have a vision of your career or not, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


  • We are working to sustain a “No harassment working place”, setting a consulting service with a qualified harassment consultant. The staff is permanently stationed to maintain a mentally and physically healthy working environment.


  • MIYAZAWA Formworks is registered as a “MAEBASHI WELLNESS COMPANY”, working on health and productivity management.