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Happy New Year

A happy new year. In 2023, we have begun to get our lives back since Covid19. However, it is still affecting our lives. We are grateful that we have welcomed the new year. Things are changing day by day and we must adapt to those changes.

The year 2024 is 41st of the sexagenary cycle, Wood Dragon (KINOE TATSU). KINOE is the 1st of the 10 Japanese calendar signs which means a beginning. TATSU means a plant germinates fully and set, momentum power, and success. Both of them together means that the year 2024 is the year to start something new and succeed, and something you have started to work on will turn out to be successful.

We have set our mind to be successful giving our best to every task this year.


  • We are working to sustain a “No harassment working place”, setting a consulting service with a qualified harassment consultant. The staff is permanently stationed to maintain a mentally and physically healthy working environment.


  • MIYAZAWA Formworks is registered as a “MAEBASHI WELLNESS COMPANY”, working on health and productivity management.